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Let us assist your engineering development

Rocket Mission Planning Software

Our experience in managing rocket launch programmes has led to a software product that can help you assess safety footprint and assess trade studies of mission profiles. Our planning software assumes rail or free launched canard-guided rocket systems and allows for corrected semiballistic and custom trajectory definitions. Our Monte-Carlo trajectory cloud analysis simultaneously assesses safety as well as performs control gain tuning.

Software in the Loop and Hardware in the Loop Simulations

We have developed an embedded autopilot  system suitable for real time control of rockets with a deep understanding of how to architect embedded avionics and the software that makes them spin. We offer software services in the development of your embedded IoT and aerospace devices and have experience in radio frequency signals demodulation, descrambling, decryption and formation. Let us help you make your complex product come to life.

Embedded Software and Hardware Suitable for Experimental Rocket Launch

Our experience in design is broad, covering drones, aircraft, rockets, RF systems, avionics, software and hardware architecture and process. We have mechanically designed some highly complicated rocket, drone and test apparatus. Let us help you design your complex product.


We have spun up full rate production lines as well as one-off R&D prototypes, and we have a trusted vendor list to help us achieve our project goals. We are building a precision aerospace manufacturing capability for advanced products. Let us help you scale the manufacturing of your product from prototype to serial production.

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